Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Responsibilities, rights and privileges

Eve-teasing, Plastic litter, Blogging, Journalism and media responsibility, Universal, comprehensive, free healthcare: is it possible for 1,800,000,000 people by 2050?, Domestic violence, Ageing parents, old age homes, Marriage, arranged marriages, Women's rights, Racism, bigotry, prejudices, Parental responsibilities, Doctor-patient relationship and patient autonomy, School's/Teacher's responsibilities, Next generation of Kerala youths, Malayalam language, Internet in Kerala, Criticism/Satire of political, religous and cultural issues, Comedy programmes on TV, Anti-privacy laws coming soon?, Alcohol, Smoking, Sex, Drugs.

What does an Indian, a Keralite, a Malayalee think about these issues? I want to find out what I think about them (after my exam - this is just another procrastination deed.) During the last couple of days, I've pretty much read all the archives of these bloggers which gave me the inspiration for taking this on: angel-doc, jiby216, malaysianincanada, poomanam, thanurambles.
Other excellent procrastination sites covered during this time: wikimapia.org, ted.com, def poetry slam videos on youtube, rives.

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