Wednesday, 6 June 2007


He slapped me on the face and gave me a pinch on the cheek. My eyes were filling up. I couldn't show him that.

Nanniyi paddikkanam. Appayum Ammayeyum annusarikkanam. Ninte pengale kathu nokkikonum. Nee allathe avalke ara ullathu. Appayum ammayum officil pokumbol, neeyanu avale nokkendathu. Nannayi varum. Adutha vacationu varan nokkanum.

He pinched me on the arm. I was distraught - I couldn't breathe. I just have to hold on till I get past the entrance. I couldn't show him. Then I noticed his eyes, they were getting red, moist and shiny. I couldn't stand it - I have never seen him so emotional, so vulnerable. He was the strongest person I've ever seen and he has never been sad or soft for anything. And he was on the verge of tears too.

I quickly murmured my assent and give him an umma and move forward into the terminal building. I could feel the heat in my eyes and the cool stream that was flowing down both cheeks. I waited till I was out of sight from the entrance before I wiped my eyes.

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