Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Adi kolli

Nmouse! where are you?

I was upstairs, raiding the forbidden cupboard. full of books, novels, story books. In those houses, there were storage spaces near the ceiling to put in suitcases and boxes.

He's coming upstairs.

I remove all signs of the cupboard being opened and climb up on the table, using the window grill and heave myself onto the luggage space. I fold myself, it's a tight squeeze. He's opening the door.


I try not to laugh. He's right in front of me. I always used to wonder how the people in movies always missed a person hiding behind an open door. If he catches me not answering when I'm right there behind him, I'm dead for sure.

He goes into the bathroom.

Nmouse! veruthe adi kollatharuthe!

It's too much, I have to laugh.

He turns and closes the door. I chuckle and giggle. I'm going to be a detective, and a spy, like Jupiter Jones in The Three Investigators.

I still wonder how I managed to fit into that small space, barely fitting two suitcases.

Nee evide ayirunnu! Villichal vilikekkanam! (Where were you! Why didn't you answer me!)

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