Thursday, 29 January 2009

Thamizha Thamizha (Roja)

O Tamil! our tomorrow is all our tomorrow
தமிழா, தமிழா! நாளை நம் நாளே
O Tamil! this land is all our land!
தமிழா, தமிழா! நாடும் நாடே!

Say that my home is the Tamil motherland.
Be firm that my name is always Indian.

The Community may vary, but the Values are one
The Place may vary, but the Country is one
The Language may vary, but the Meaning is one
The Staff may vary, but the Flag is one
the Direction may vary, but the Land is one
The Music may be different, but the Melody is one
We are all India, we are one.

O Tamil! Don't shed any tears
O Tamil! It will dawn, don't be fade inside

Isn't there Indian blood inside you?
Then won't united India protect you?
Our India is common to all
It is born out out of hard toil.
Diversity was the fertiliser used to create it
We are the roots that make it strong.

O human!
It is strong
There shouldn't be division on this land.
O Lord!

Lyrics by Mahakavi Bharathi
Translation bibliography:

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Anonymous said...

The lyrics are my Vyramuthu

Anonymous said...

The lyrics are by Vyramuthu, (corrected spelling)

Anonymous said...

Actually it was a poem penned by Mahakavi Bharathi, better known as Bharathiyar set to music for this film

RV said...
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