Sunday, 20 January 2008

Thaliraningoru - Minnaram

I rediscovered this gem on Youtube. The longer version has been put off for another day. It brought me back to a Sunday evening when the 'traditional' weekly movie was on Doordarshan.

It was two and half hours of unmitigated concentration on Sunday evenings: the adults holding their steel cups of steaming tea and maybe a vada or two. We, the children would be scootering (being scooters) or carring (being cars - although "kaarathe!" meant to stop making that racket) during the advertising breaks, or humming to the ads of Ujala, Nirma, Chavanyapravashyam and so on.. It was an evening when everyone gathered together. If you stepped out into the street and listened carefully, you could hear the TV sets down the street playing the same ads.

What spoilt the evening were those movies with the sad endings. Us kids would have glistening eyes and would be "mood-off" for the rest of the evening. Although, what irritated me the most were the sad songs, in minor keys/raagas - the TV could not physically handle the high notes of Chitra/Sujatha/Janaki anyway. Sometimes, KSEB would be taking their time changing a fuse or two, and it was then that the entire household would be stumped for things to do.

(Please point out any mistakes as I'm not totally sure about the notes in the last beat of the second bar.)

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