Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Aayirum kannumayi - Nokketha doorathu kannum nattu

(Please click to enlarge.)

I love this song. So most of last night and today evening was spent trying to put it down on paper. Using the Youtube video, I've done the intro, the main voice and the main instrumental fillers. The bass is mainly arpeggios.

My earliest lessons were on a harmonium playing church songs and nursery rhymes. The mashe (master) wrote down the words in a notebook with the Carnatic notation (sa ri ga) beneath it. Different keys, chords, using the left hand - they were all a complete mystery then.

During the youth festival, we played a medley of popular movie songs. We exhibited our ignorance of harmony as all the instruments on stage played (keyboard, violin, etc.) exactly the same notes, give or take an octave. It didn't matter as the judges didn't have a clue either!

When I reached secondary school, we organised a string orchestra with a keyboard and drums. The pièce de résistance was one of Yanni's hits. That was a memorable night for me :D

I dedicate this to all the music teachers who arrange the songs for their students, be it for youth festivals, competitions or any other school functions. By the way, if you're playing this at your school/college, drop me comment - I'd be happy to know it's useful to someone.

There are a couple of files I'm working on - "ootty.sib" and "thaliraningoru.sib" - any guesses?


Sarah said...

I know very few mallu songs lyrics and this is one of my favourite..Thank you for the notes..
There is one more song, I would like to get the notes ..I only know the first line.. Devadaru poothu.. en manasil thazhvarayil.. It was my Amma's favourite song, she forever wanted me to play that song on piano and I just couldn't get the right notes

nmouse said...

Thank you for the first comment! :)
I don't know the song but there're a couple of songs on MusicIndia from the movie Engane Nee Marakkum.
Is that the song, do you think? It's a great song in either case (and easy to play as well).

Sarah said...

The second song in the link u provided.. sung by Yesudas, lyrics by Chinnakkara Ramankutty.. I would love to play that on Piano..

nmouse said...

It's near completion. Bear with me for another day or two.

EYE said...

AHHH... with a 1000 eyes I waited for you....

yes this is a really lovely one. One of the handful whose lyrics I rememeber enuf to sing