Monday, 2 July 2007


What do you want? (She asked with a tilt of the head and a raise of her brow.)

Hi, I want to go into that room. (I pointed to area where the blue door was just peeking through the plaster of people lining in front of it, listening to a health and safety talk.)

There's no one there.

That's ok. I can work in there.

But there's no one there. (She said even more forcefully.)

It's alright. I just want to use the computers.

Mr. A is not in there now.

That's fine, he said I can use the room when he's not there.

There's no one in the room!

That's alright, I can go in. He said it's fine. I've met him.

But you can't. There's no one in there.

(I was getting indignant.)

Yes, I know. He told me to go in when there's no one there. I met Mr. A yesterday. He said I could use the computers.

(She was getting irritated. I was going to stand my ground.)

How will you get in?

(Is that a trick question?)

I can open the door... and go in.

Have you got the keys? It's locked!

Oh I see.

Sorry- (she realised that I just understood the meaning of "There's no in there".)

Long-winded much ado about nothing.

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