Monday, 2 July 2007


So here I was, relieved to find one seat in the furthest carriage on the busiest train of the week - the first train after peak time fares. It was facing the front, and there was only a eerkil-like woman sitting on the other side of the table - no nausea and lots of leg space.. Placing my snacks on the table, I slid into the seat.

...straight into her trap. She extended her eerkil-like legs to the aisle. I could not extend my legs in either direction. Her bag was on the floor, a man was sitting near the window. She was even sliding down her seat to lengthen her reach! I was trapped.

These tricks of limiting my large frame in a tiny area were already well practised by my sister - so I knew this eerkil will start aching in those train seats without proper support. I started reading my book.

Then I started munching on my snacks - she is beginning to squirm. I was reading and eating my sandwich and enjoying the view of the countryside as it floated by.

She moved.

I extended my knees like a jack-in-the-box. Haha!

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