Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Imagine India

On the anniversary of our independence, I could not help but feel proud to be born of the greatest nation. Unashamedly, I recounted the ideologies which makes our nation great. But as I read on, in BBC news, I came across Mukul Kesavan's article. He tells me why India is great without any reservations made for ideologies. I would not do it justice by quoting a few words.

Continuing to read, I chanced upon Kuldeep Nayyar's wish for soft borders like the EU. This is a step which I would like to see taken. Save for the last 60 years, we were one people who fought for independence - our toil in blood did not have distinctions in class or religion. I dream of celebrating this historic day together with our brothers and sisters across that white line. It is only a matter of hours that separates our festivities celebrating that same historic event.
India, Pakistan, Bangladesh - all owe it to each other to take care of one another for they are siblings born of one mother. India is in a position to do just that.

So that brings me to this white space now, inspired by the silent tears on reading and reflecting on those articles this morning. I would like to wind up by not following the wisdom I proclaimed earlier:

"If India didn't exist, no-one would have the imagination to invent it." - Mukul Kesavan @ BBC news.

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